Building of distribution structure

For 10 years of work we have built a reliable, tested scheme of interaction with partners in European cities, Moscow and Russian regions. From Europe, dairy and meat products are delivered within 7 days. Distributors receive goods that have passed customs clearance and with all the necessary certificates and documents for sale.

 How does it work?

 We worked out a clear logistic model.

 The finished product is shipped to one of the warehouses located in Europe. All warehouses are equipped follow the latest international standards. In rooms optimum temperature is maintained that is required for storage of dairy products.

 Consolidated European warehouses allow to ship any quantity of product required for the manufacturer. After trucks are completed, they are sent toMoscow.

Our company controls the registration of the accompanying documentation and certification process of products. Long-term interaction with government agencies help us to quickly and efficiently carry out customs clearance. 

 Customs cleared and certified product comes into the distribution regional center of the company Trade Line. In every region of Russia we have a reliable partner of the company. They control the further promotion of the product in the region.

 Systematic approach to organize logistic minimizes budget for the delivery and saves resources for the execution of permits.