Production of private labels

The company TradeLine creates self trade marks (STM) of dairy and dessert PRODUCTS for CHAIN RETAIL AND BIG DISTRIBUTORS. HoReCa industry of retail in developed countries uses widely the principle of  Private Label. Creation of brand opens new horizons for business and raises profitability of a chain. The share of sales can consist from 30% up till 60% of whole volume of product’s line.


We carry on negotiations with European producers and offer optimal variant of collaboration to Russian client. Factory will provide with part of its potential to produce products under private label. You get a product of European quality with good price.  

 Design and printing art

 To attract attention to a new product, you should pack it beautifully and mark appropriately the place of sale. We help to elaborate the design and to produce the packs for product.

Upon cliet’s desire we grant POS-materials (vobblers, mobiles, stickers, mini showcases, boxes for checks, leaflets for products, BTL counters).


Our company organizes promotional actions to output new product in chain retail. We design sale places of new products, carry on BTL actions, samplings, price actions, actions “present for buying".

Efficiency of Private Label

 - increase of customer’s loyalty

- independent adjustment of prices for its own product

- saving money on wide-ranging advertising campaigns

- increase of profitability of a chain.