Support for producer to enter the market

Structure of the company TradeLine consists of all departments necessary to help to a European product to enter the Russian market. At the disposal of European producer there is always an active base of sale platforms in huge cities ofRussia.    


We grant marketing support at all stages of output of a product on the market: starting from choosing target market segments till BTL-actions (marketing research, adaptation of an etiquette and packing, production of POS materials, organization of price actions and samplings).


We resolve promptly and successfully question of getting the packet permits to trade in the Russian Federation


We provide full range ofopening and accreditation of the plant in Russia. European production will be recorded in the official list of companies having the right to export to Russia. 


We provide services for warehousing and transport logistics. Shipping goods from Europe is carried out within 7 days from the date of production of goods. Consolidated warehouses allow to ship a quantity of goods necessary to the manufacturer.


Professional customs clearance. Experts of our company control the observance of all customs formalities, so that fresh dairy products come in time to distribution centers in Russia.


The main objective of Trade Line is to build a prospective, long term partnerships. There are various ways of cooperation. You can choose the option that is right for your company.


We have already helped to enter the Russian market